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I learned to ignore my past mistakes, clear my head and move on in life!

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“You are a failure
You can’t even do one thing
Don’t even try
Just sleep, watch some reels, you are not prepared yet
You will lose
You will fail
People who you wanted to prove wrong are laughing at you. Just look at their success”

This is all that I kept thinking 24*7. I had wasted a lot of time, made wrong choices for myself and I was at a place where I felt I couldn’t ever redeem myself back!

I was just passing one day after the other and in this way, I had lost years!

I was tired of myself, aimless, happiness less, helpless, I didn’t want to even be visible anymore!

On my friend’s insistence, I joined IWill therapy... I was in denial and I didn’t think it could or anything could help me but I joined anyways...

It was in iwill sessions that I understood how depression had clouded me, how the only way I had was to drop the baggage of hurt, the baggage of loss, I had to rationally look at my mistakes and not repeat them again...

Therapy helped me first to forgive myself, to empathize with myself, to be more accurate in my understanding of myself and my failures!
Therapy also helped me in designing my current life in a way so that I could stay motivated, I could take steps to my happiness!
Therapy helped me acknowledge my emotions, heal the trauma, speak of my insecurities, get clarity on what’s relevant and what’s not and move on

I started with a clearer mind!
I started with steps small for my happiness!
I took care of my mental health!
I proactively learned to think differently, learn the art of thought restructuring and this helped me a lot!

I am proud of myself as I am back to working 7 hours a day! I am proud of myself for being hopeful again, of seeing how my life is full of opportunities that I will create!
I am proud that others and their existence of what they think of me, has become immaterial for me!
It’s happiness that matters.

If you are going through depression, cursing yourself, do the right thing, start therapy and healing! You can’t afford to lose a day more to sadness! You deserve happiness!

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