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I married my daughter, don't take her for granted. I am still her dad 

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Yes, I married my daughter. 

Yes I made her sit in a car and let her go to a new house, a new home, leaving my home empty in which she was born

Yes I lived with the fact that she would now live with a new family, a new name and that she will not be with me like she was there 

Yes, I did all of this... But the world, the husband of my daughter, his family should never forget, not forget that I did not stop being her dad


That I did not stop caring for her happiness, for her wellbeing

That I did not stop existing for her and stop being there for her to protect her, love her, hold her, stand up for her, speak up for her if she wasn't treated well! 


My daughter was so depressed because after her marriage she was treated like she had no home like no one would now care if she was happy or not.  Her husband didnt care for her emotions because he had to prove to others he had not changed while life of my daughter had changed upside down.

She was in IWill therapy because of depression and now she is with me in my home, looking for a job, trying to make a new life. This is what prompted me to write this piece that how granted are our DAUGHTERS TAKEN?

I gave my daughter to be a family member, not a person who has only duties and no rights over you or your son.

 My daughter came in your home so that she smiles double so that she spreads happiness in your home as she did in mine, not to be blamed that she laughs out loud, that she is immature, not so that you could ask her to not smile, not be herself.


I married my daughter so that she has two families, not to have two homes, where not even one feels like her own!

I married my daughter with her husband thinking that he would care minutely for her happiness, even better than what I did, even be more close to her than we could as parents, not to use my daughter as a tool to show how much of the same man he still is to his family, not to ignore her needs and make her feel lonely

How could anyone treat daughters like that? May we as parents, we as fathers don't speak loudly. We don't say it enough that even though we married our daughters, we have not stopped caring for them, we have not closed the doors to our hearts, our arms for the daughters who filed our life with so much happiness. 


I say this loud and clear. I married my daughter for her happiness, not for her being sadder than she could ever be,

I married her for your togetherness, not for making her more isolated than she could ever be,

I married her so that she has a new home, not a place where everyone is judging her and my parenting skills on everything she does. 


I married her so that I have a son with a daughter. NOT TO LOSE THE PRECIOUS DAUGHTER THAT I HAD! 

Keep our daughters happy... Keep caring for them as they care for you. Give them love like they got in their homes. Give them the attention that they deserve. If you don't do any of it,

Remember I just married her, never gave her away, never sacrificed her happiness, never stopped caring! 


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