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I miss myself the most in life. I don’t know where I lost myself

IWill Expert

- where did that carefree laughter go?
- where did the hopefulness go?
- where did the no fear person go?
- where did the person who believed she could do anything go?
- where did that happiness go?
- where did the need to wake up to another morning all excited go?
- how is everyone else so happy? Always getting what they wanted to get in life?
- who is this person that I am now? I have no hope, no happiness, no emotions ...

Life broke me!

My hopes of love were broken after marriage
My hopes of being successful were broken by myself by crying, not prioritizing myself
My hopes of being fear-free were taken away by people always bullying me, making fun of me, breaking my confidence
My life was turned upside down with the things that happened, the pains that accumulated, the missteps I made

But not anymore

I want to reconnect to myself!
I want to priories myself... I can’t be scared of my mornings. People who crave for life, I can’t ruin it and be upset that I have it...

I have joined IWill therapy to work on myself. I can’t be scared anymore. Who stays with me or goes, I can’t be held on to things like this.. I need to smile, find reasons for them. I need to let go of all the barriers and blocks... I need myself again!
It’s been two weeks in therapy and I have started to connect with myself again...at least in thoughts to the person I was and why was I that person...

The biggest loss in life is the loss of self! And I want to get back to it!

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