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I miss the unconditional love of my home as a woman after marriage the most

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Why do you look so upset? What happened? Did someone say something? Come, sit with us, let me make you something nice my baccha.

You are not well, oh my god, just rest now. And then sitting where I was sitting, praying for me, touching my forehead, giving me everything I need until I get better, not relaxing.

Don't feel alone. We are always here for you. So what you couldn't get the promotion now. My daughter will be most successful.


Please ask divisha. She knows best, what looks best here. We always go by her choice.


This was my parental home. I was so loved and valued, I was so much taken care of. I had the same expectation for a place I would call home. 

I expected giving and getting love. It was so important for me and my happiness. But when I got married, the shocking lack of love and care for me, broke me so much.

No one would care how their words would affect me. They would pass remarks on my clothes or constantly tell me on small little things, how I was wrong. And when this would make me upset, no one cared.


Everyone would talk about things that I didn't know about. And no one tried to make me a part. I would feel so empty, and yet no one would care.


If I would become unwell, it would bother no one. Everyone would rather tell me to keep strong. I felt so hurt that my health didn't matter to anyone, at the same time, whenever someone from their family was unwell, they felt the same concern and care as my family would. 


I would be sitting alone, no one would talk to me, I would miss the love, the care, the appreciation and no one gave it to me.

Even when my husband would try to talk to me, he would be asked to do something else, as if his relationship with me was not there.

I was broken to see how much this home was different, it wasn't a home, I had no acceptance, no love, no value.

I joined IWill therapy, because I was so depressed, I was empty, I felt so insulted and left behind, so alone and aloof. The pain is indescribable.

It was in therapy that my therapist helped me to learn assertion, and stand for myself. It was in therapy that my husband joined too and he was helped to see how neglect for me, was playing in this home.


Therapy at IWill helped my husband to stand for me, and I came out of my shock and pain and started asserting, no more crying and getting hurt.

Worst pain is to be promised a home after marriage but getting a place where you are judged and broken and made to be alone. I faced it and that shook me.

Glad I took help.


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