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I never thought I would be this happy and regain my pride. But it happened. Believe. Read my story 

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Today I have my own house, for ages I was denied a simple personal loan.

Today i have respect in my family, for ages my own family members would treat me as less because of less money, and some would not even invite me.

Today i have a happy family, with my spouse and children, there was a time where everyone blamed me for taking care of my spouse, and that I will regret it one day.

Today I get immense respect from everyone, there was a time, when no one thought I would be anything.


How this miracle happened in my life?

How my life became what it must be?

The reason was my change of focus on myself and family and doing right thing, making right decisions.

I was depressed that I had stopped waking up on time, having debt, no sources of income, everyone saying I am not talented and blaming my attention to my spouse too.

Every year things would get worse because I would listen, think and only judge myself on basis that were happening in my life and not basis who I was.

I was so depressed that several times it crossed my mind to take my own life but then would look at my family and stop.

I joined IWill therapy on my wife's recommendation and therapist helped me completely think in new way about self, completely think how I was enough, how I did right, how debt happens but if i work, it can go away in no time too.

The handholding, the belief my therapist would show in me and help me internally develop it too, made all the difference.

I started working, working and not worrying.

I didn't feel bad when someone said something nasty and when I did, I would assert myself and have boundary for myself.

I just kept happy, going, and working hard.

It's been 2 years and my life is unrecognizable and I have had a massive around, if my story inspires and gives hope to anyone suffering from depression, I want to tell i came back from worst, being educated and having everything, there was a time when 20 rs of cash was not there with me.


I am glad for IWill therapy, for kindness, for love of my family that I have made such a stunning comeback ❤️ 

Never give up on yourself! Never give up on your loved one!


Nikhil Sahni

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