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I realised I didn't need anyone else to be happy but just my focus on me! And life changed 

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My career and even within my career, I would face setbacks, but I will continue no matter what, for myself with or without anyone

My Life, my loved ones, they are all having their own agendas, I am good for them until I serve them and Many times even then I am not. The tears I have don't matter to them. 

The friends I have, life of their own exists.


I was looking for others to make me happy. From one person to another, from one project to another, I would always feel finally I have someone who will take care of me always but then that never happened.


I was so pained, so aloof. It was like having heart breaks each day. It was like feeling like a failure, a used person each day and so I decided to start Therapy.


I couldn't live like this anymore. I was broken and my mental health, my life had come to a stand still. I was unhappy to the core of me...

I decided to start IWill Therapy on a friend's recommendation


And it was here that my therapist helped me heal. She helped me feel alive again. She helped me feel seen again. She helped me see that people will always have changing agendas


 One person even if they like me, 5 whether in a corporation or home will pull the person down and I would still face some setbacks.


I had to rely on myself

I had to prioritise myself.

I had to have time for myself. My goals. My studies, my happiness, my needs

And no it wasn't about being disloyal to anyone.

It was about being for everyone but not expecting them to make me happy. Being for me first, and my happiness and my goals was first.


Learning to be assertive.

Learning to have a plan was what I needed.

And it took time, a lot of mental unlearning.

A lot of mental rewiring and a lot of walking, crying through my pain in sessions.


And finally it happened

I was constantly upgrading myself.

I was constantly applying for new opportunities.

I had friends. I wasn't dependent for my happiness on one person.

I was assertive

 I didn't take shit from no one.


I had time for my hobbies, for going out for feeling happy, for fulfilling dreams and for living my life. 


I had learnt that my happiness is my own responsibility 


Therapy helped me a lot to stand up for myself and to be the person that I always wanted to.


I am more successful, more careful, less hurt because I am in charge and I take care


I can credit my life's transformation to my mental transformation. And this happened because of IWill.


I have a successful work life

I am happy.

I look good 

I have friends

I don't let the toxicity affect me. I stand tall to it.


And I am a changed different person! 


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