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I realised that my life is not to please others at my cost. I have stopped getting affected

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I changed myself so much for others and yet I was so unhappy.

I crushed my dreams to fit in.

I felt ashamed of my standing in life and growth and things that made me because people would remark on me and I would be deeply affected by that.

I would pretend to be someone else because I would be constantly told that who I was, was not enough or good.

I would cry trying to please others and try to prove to them I was worthy, even when they kept making me feel small!

I kept quiet when I was bullied or treated badly just because I felt scared what if they leave me!

In the process, I was hurt, I was broken. I was upset and my self esteem lost. I felt like I didn’t deserve to even exist!

I was clueless, having no energy to feel
Happy, get up because I had not much to look foresee to, my confidence was gone in everything!

I started IWill therapy on a friend’s insistence! It was in therapy that I came to terms with the concept of self, how I had every right to be myself!

She helped me leave the fear of abandonment and do that what is right! Life is an experience and I had every right to take steps that made me happy, made me motivated

She helped me drop the baggage of judgements! She helped me learn and ve convinced me that no matter what I do, people will always have a reason to dislike, to be unhappy or to be insecure of me! I couldn’t let their perception affect my reality!

I learnt in therapy to prioritise myself! To be proud of who I am and work more to be doing the right thing!

I don’t let people bully me now! I am not scared to be alone anymore, and I don’t take abuse because I am scared of being rejected or being abandoned! I have learnt that I can be happier if I stay true to myself if I respect myself!

I am glad I started IWill therapy! I no longer get affected by toxic people or their opinion, I don’t let their opinions drain me!

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