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I think the worst phase just keeps getting worse and that is what breaks! My story

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You know when things are going worse, they sometimes keep getting worst... The problems keep adding on. Every time I tried to keep things together makes it worse and that is what breaks the most.


I was dealing with a lot of issues for many years now.

It all started in 2015. I got married but after marriage, I was really not treated the way I had expected to be treated. I was always secondary which I wasnt use to at my home. I was always ignored to please others. I was the odd one. The outsider and yet my whole life had changed and had been dumped here...


It took me years to make this better. It was a lot of fights, lots of tears, sleepless nights, accusations, and finally, after a lot of struggle, some things got better.


But my career was dead by now... I had been left behind... And now when I wanted to get back, I had so many self-doubts, such as lost time


My health too became problematic, then of my parents... My husband due to all the issues too had a less ideal career... 


It was like life had choked from all ends... Debts, lack of happiness, lack of peace, so long being entangled in pain. All of that had taken a toll on me...


I really was stuck... I was getting these thoughts that I was destined to be unhappy, that my past and present problems had all stacked up...


I really was getting embarrassed on a daily basis and getting hurt and angry too.

I joined IWill therapy because had I not done that, we would have mentally collapsed. How I wished I had done this earlier... Problems may be would have remained as is but my mental pain would have gone down, self-doubt, lack of will, motivation, fear all of these things within me that were clouding my judgment and my actions further wouldn't have been there...

I and my husband started working on ourselves, not feeling like it's over because of current problems. We had to fight, no one would have come to rescue us, we had to do it ourselves with a clear mind.. We had to stand by each other and take care of each other...

Forget all the issues of the past and work on a present and future we wanted to make.


I wouldn't say all my problems are sorted... That is far from the truth. Because my problems aren't so small that they can vanish in a day... But I know problems have been all piled up... Mental health issues can lead to life issues and physical health issues too... In my case, all of it got stacked up one after the other.

Sometimes in life worst only brings worse. But these are the times, we need to manage our mental health, work as a team with people around, forget the hurt and work for a brighter future. That is exactly what I am doing now.

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