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I used to be so affected by negative comments & energy of people! Not anymore 

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There were some people in my life who had always a negative vibe and energy for me. They made sure they had negative comments... and they were non-stop with their negativity... this was so much breaking down! 


Some examples of their behaviour are here... 

They would make a remark about my look. Oh, your colour has gone dull. Oh, you look weak, no one looked more beautiful than someone. 

One day I achieved success. And the same day they said a remark that made me feel my achievement was nothing. They compared me with others, reminded me of my past failure, and made me feel less about this success! 

One day there was a function. And everyone was invited but not me. They didn’t invite me to make me feel outcast. And I felt like that... it hurt me a lot... 

In a group, they would not talk to me. They would make me feel real like I was an outsider. 

What I felt with this. 


I felt so broken. 

I used to feel always insecure of myself. I would feel like I was unsuccessful and I started having many self doubts about me!

I used to feel so hurt to be treated this way... what I had done to deserve this, I would think! 

I felt shame and sadness!

I was losing my focus in work. 

I would be so angry and preoccupied with their behavior for very long periods of time and this was destroying me!


I decided to join therapy... as I wanted to heal myself! I wanted to be able to live my life without this negative influence!

Therapy at IWill helped me a lot! 

My therapist helped me learn that my only response to their behaviour could be with fame and growth. 

She helped me learn to accept people who are troublemakers as that and not be affected by their behaviour! My win over them would be when I don’t get a dime affected by what they did! 

She helped me with positive surroundings. Right friends, right people, spending less time with negative people and not seeking validation from them! 


Through therapy at IWill, I changed myself completely! 

I focussed on my career! I wasn’t available to be treated poorly! I would derive my sense of self-worth from myself! I didn’t need external validation!


The best thing was when others treated me negatively, I didn’t get affected at all! I would do even better and be even more confident! And they would burn with this! They would feel so powerless! Because it would be all thrown back at them!

Negative people and their energy effects, and impacts, especially when you have done nothing and they still are always harming you.

You need to learn to put them in their place. And your expectations from them in their place! I learnt that!

And here I am today, completely happy and not at all concerned by any negative remark! I assert and don’t give a second of my mental energy to them, I have learnt the art to rise, being focused on self and destroying them with indifference! 

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