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I wanted to rebuild My life but didnt know where to start 

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Been in one problem after the other since I turned 22, I was now 42. A Lot had happened that was unexpected, that I didn't plan, that I didn't prepare for, that I couldn't be prepared for.

I have been through a tough time personally, a marriage where partner's family made life hell for me early on, by being toxic, isolating and just so cold towards me.

Then somehow things settled and I started focussing on my career but faced setbacks, my personality had become so weak and also I had come late. Then hit financial and other health challenges.

Life never stabilised for me. Everything would always be chaotic and my mind suffered a lot in the process, a lot of pain, anger, turmoil, self doubt, a lot of external judgements, everything that could harm oneself happened to me.


I wanted to restart my life but didnt know where to start. My mind was never at rest. I would pick one thing and try to fix it, only to find out that other thing had become broken.

I would try to excel at work and yet my mind, my energy couldn't stay sustained on it. 

I joined IWill therapy because otherwise the more I tried to restart, the more i had resentment towards me due to failing or falling short. 

I discovered in therapy that I had long standing depression, Depression that had gripped me due to the ages of pain, struggles, being ignored, being sidelined, being hurt, being broken.

It was in therapy that my therapist helped me to focus on my healing first.

Restarting by reliving, reloving and rebelieving in self. Focussing on the broken parts within me that needed healing.

She helped me see the good in me, she helped me take those thoughts, those voices of others seeped in my soul that told me wrongly that I was incapable.


She helped me restart first with faith within me and then giving me the courage to keep going despite setbacks as they are part and parcel of any journey.

Therapy helped me restart from within, my emotions.


I learned to assert.

I learned to have my boundaries and push back when cornered.

I learned to not let negative thoughts in my mind stop me from doing things that I needed to do consistently to get ahead.


Today I feel so good to share I have restarted my life.

I am excelling in my job and have just started a new group to work on a social cause close to my heart.

I have just applied for my first car loan and planning to own my own car, drive, explore the world.

I dance, I sing, I cry but it's all healing me.


If you are in doubt where to restart your life, restart it from self. Heal self first, love self first. Take care, take IWill therapy. Fix the pain within to fix all the problems outside!

It will work !

Sunethra Ramchandran

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