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I was tired of living a life to please others at my cost. Not anymore

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I was so depressed 6 months ago. And this depression didn’t strike randomly. It had been going on for ages.

I had taken a lot of abuse for others’ moods.
I had allowed myself to be secondary so that I fit in other’s life. I was expected to just have duties and have no rights, have no feelings, just fulfill other's dreams!
I had ignored my happiness just to prove I was good.
I had tolerated remarks on me, my personality just to keep harmony, to stay in “good books” of those who attacked me.
I had tolerated ignorance, isolation just out of fear of being abandoned or left alone...

I was unhappy to the core. I felt lonely. I was living a life of insignificance just to keep other’s happy

I joined IWill therapy last year. And it was in therapy that I learnt, I need not be scared to be myself. I learnt about how much trauma I had, how much I missed myself!

How I had the right to live my life... I had the right to assert. I didn’t have to please others at my cost... I didn’t have to be such a slave of fears I had... I was capable of asserting, I was not supposed to be ignored or isolated...

I started prioritizing myself, my goals, my health, along everything.

My tears stopped flowing because I started taking care of myself rather than looking towards others for help...

Not anymore, I let people make me do things that they want to happen, ignoring my needs.
Not anymore do I listen to things to satisfy other’s egos.
Not anymore do I let people attack me for my talent or choices!

Not anymore. Thank you IWill therapy for shaking me out of this depression, and finding myself again

Rashmi Gupta

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