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I wasted half of my life being scared and being in pain. Not anymore 

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I was so in love with someone that when even after being married to the same person, he never loved me back. I wasn't as pretty, as good, as cultured according to him and his family.

I kept trying and being more isolated and without love. This broke me, made me empty, I felt less, always upset and in pain.

It also took me away from friends, work and myself

Then because I felt so abandoned, I would tolerate abuse of friends and even my own parents because I couldn't tolerate anymore people leaving me or I not feeling good about myself! 

I was broken, I had lost years.

I felt invisible and unseen.

I felt unlucky and unloved.

I wanted to die but I knew I needed help.

I started IWill Therapy as I follow the page for the articles as they speak to me! 


And I took the right call.

Therapist helped me see that I had to work on my happiness and I had to ignore and stop seeking validation from one who was so toxic and taking away rather than giving me anything. 

She helped me start feeling and seeing good in me.

She encouraged me to join social events and encouraged me to take care of me, to not beg others for love and pamper self, to find ways to see how good i was.

She helped me see so much good in me that it filled me with happiness.


I started living for myself

I stopped seeking validation.

I would cook what I loved.

I would dress up and make posts.

I would do everything that made me happy and if somebody felt bad for it, I asserted.


It's not like my recovery has been magical. Many times in therapy which is still on for me, I go and complain about the same things, of hurt andnpain and new fights that xome my way but therapist reminds me of who I am, my power to assert, to help me create new paths and I have started noticing change in my husband too! 

Since my friends come with their spouses, since he sees me going out, he has to face his reality of being so missing!

He is changing a little but I am more at peace with being who I am. Being happy in me, living and planning for me

Next phase of my life is Suhani's chapter. A chapter where I write my story myself and life life to the fullest! I won't die with regrets, I'll live with freedom, confidence and pride of being me!

Thanks IWill

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