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I will never forgive those who gave me a hard time, knowing I was already going through terrible stuff

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I have recovered.

I am no longer in depression.

I no longer cry and no longer am I scared to face what life throws at me


I was in therapy at IWilll for more than 8 months. Nothing less could have worked for me.

Because I had been through so much. I had lost my sanity almost. 

I had panic attacks where I would cry breaking down on the floor. I would be sitting in a dark room just being empty and loudly yelling at myself.

And IWill therapist helped me pull through this. I am so thankful and anyone feeling this way, please trust them to help you out..

But I will never forgive me those who pushed me in this level of mental breakdown.

With my closest family member in ICU, There were people around not extending support but thinking I am making excuses.

With me having financial issues, insulting me and making me feel less.

With me having trouble at work, opening vendetta at me.

They made my situation harder on purpose.

They used my weak time not to offer support but to use it as a time to attack me as though I was making some excuse.

Use this time to insult me as though I was making an excuse.

Use this time to break me more. To snatch away support making my problem my own despite I having done so much for them.

For such people, There is no forgiveness.

For those who brought me to my rock bottom using my hard time there is no forgiveness. There is no space. There is no excuse.

I'll never be again There with or for them.

They have taught me a lesson of what I will be in future, with people, with not trusting blindly.

But from them. I don't want to ever move on forgiving them. I am ignoring their thought for my mental health, but their pain will always in some way remain. May Karma speak back to you!

As for me, my boundaries and walls blocking you are enough! 

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