IWill 2021-08-27 03:54 - 4 minute read

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I will not let you emotionally abuse & gaslight me anymore! 

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1. First ignoring me so much and making me feel like I don't deserve to be with you and then when I go in my shell, telling others, how I am "not friendly", "I keep distance", "I am not available" to gaslight others too, this is how you did this each time! 

2. Belittling my big and small achievements and then when I feel underconfident or lose my focus, blame me for not being successful,  not wanting enough, not having enough drive!

3. Never appreciating me on any good thing, very hard for any good words to come out of your mouth, and then not leaving any stone unturned to attack me either directly or through others!

4. Constantly abandoning me, giving me the silent treatment, ignoring my emotional needs, and then attacking me for being weak, for being dramatic, and for having tears!

5. For first showing fake empathy to learn about my issues and then using them to manipulate me, make me weaker, and abandoning me further...


I have been abused beyond measures. 

I have lost self-confidence

I have lost touch with people who loved me

I am scared to share my achievements

I have lost my confidence 

I lost the faith that I would be loved

I lost the strength that makes people feel alive!

I lost my own personality

I too became resentful and troubled! 

I became mentally exhausted and burnt out!


I joined therapy at IWill... I just wanted to feel some less pain, I was just so disappointed in my life and how it had shaped up. 

The therapist at IWill first VALIDATED all that I felt... The acknowledgment that I wasn't crazy to expect basic dignity, love and kindness, came from her... I couldn't control my tears and how I felt about this! 

The therapist then helped me find a way to first work on my mental health that had been damaged. I need to offload all the baggage of self-doubt, negative self-thoughts, destruction of emotional health that was done systematically. She helped focus on areas of how I saw myself today and my life and helped work on them first. I stopped feeding my mind all that negative self-doubt... that negative talk...

Next, she helped me make my boundaries, get assertive, learn to stick to the right thing without letting the other person gaslight me further and blame me. And when they do, I can still maintain my sanity, my mental health balance

I don't allow them anymore to make me feel belittled. The more they try, the more they fail... I am focusing on myself... And my achievements speak for myself... They feel so hurt that their lack of validation doesn't hurt me anymore... it breaks them now, not me!

I have cut toxic people from my daily routine and life, quite literally so. I spend the least amount of mental time with them! 

I don't let them ruin my relationships. Their silent treatment's impact on me is completely silent now!

I have some baggage of hurt obviously.  But I am not in that caged space anymore...

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