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I wont save this relationship. I will save myself

Rakshita Gupta

Save this relationship

What would you do? Your whole life is ahead of you!

People change. Don’t be so stubborn. Be with him. He is saying sorry. He would change...

What will happen to your parents? They are old. Think about them.

Everyone wanted me to save the relationship. The relationship was priority. It was assumed that in this, only lies my happiness!


But I wanted to save my SELF

I had no place in this relationship.
I had to always tolerate his ego!
I had to always tolerate his family’s ego! He could treat me any way he wanted!

He would get angry, throw things, and push me when he wanted to gain power! And then say sorry conveniently.
He had problems with my job. He wanted my life, my work, my efforts to circle around him. He couldn’t see me as independent with the need for my friends, my circle, my space...


I had lost myself.
I was always fearful.
I was always scared to rub him the wrong way.
His family constantly treated like he was some king and I was just nothing!!!

I didn’t know what was right to me but I knew I was dying a slow death inside me!

I joined IWill therapy... it was because I really wanted to manage my mental health, get stronger, take decisions that I can live up to, and be capable in my own self, to navigate the challenges I have on my own.

Therapy helped me a lot to overcome the self-doubt, and self-pity I was having... I realized I couldn’t blame myself or my luck for someone else...

IWill Therapy helped me to assert, to believe, and to not see myself as weak or irrelevant!

Through IWill, I got to a point where I didn’t want to save this relationship. My priority was saving myself. I was done with the abuse, with the fear, with not pursuing my dreams for someone else, with the control, with the losing out on so many years and the reality of losing out more if I continued in that same relationship!

I chose myself.
I continued therapy through this tough period to have the strength! And finally, I saved myself...


I don’t care what the world thinks about me and how they label me! I care about my life and how my self-respect is! I have stood with myself, not with a fake relationship that was only meant to serve other’s needs at the expense of my life

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