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If I treat your son like my daughter is treated, just for a day, you will not be able to tolerate 

Dharmendra Chauhan

Dear son in law your parents are second, they need to also understand you are married. Your life will get disturbed if they keep interfering 

Dear son in law, you should now have no desires that my daughter doesn't like or approve. Find your happiness in what she likes.

Dear son in law, you are not the first person to be married. Give your wife space. So what if you are alone at home when she is out with friends. That is her routine and she won't change it.

Dear daughter, why should you talk to son in law first thing in morning. Have you forgotten us? Now you have him, why will you care about us?

Don't give him that much attention. If he is upset, let him fight it out himself and get better. He is not a child.

Don't tell him everything. You should keep distance.

How did the above sound? If this was obnoxious, unfortunate, I agree it is. But this is what my daughter faces on a daily basis.

Everyday she deals with these things, behaviors, ignorance and more?

What you won't rightfully tolerate for a day, she has been putting up with for years. She needs her parents too, she needs her wishes to be heard too, she is a person too. She needs her partner too.

My daughter has been in counseling and therapy at IWill. She was broken, sidelined and heartbroken, she really thought you would love her as we do and she will have two families now.

But her reality is painful.

She is getting better, working now, trying to make herself happy but my request is please be the parents and husband she deserves.

Just don't push her in to fighting what you won't be able to tolerate even for a day

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