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If some people always think you are not good, not enough, change those people not yourself 

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Oh you got an award, that's nice, did you also get some money with it. Another person has got it. That was a great award.

You are not coming, you never take the time out for what is needed. 

I feel bad that I Am with you. Only I am the one tolerating you.

You won't even get that role, you are no where close to what is required.

Oh I like you but I just love my other family member, he is so good, he is the best.

Oh you did this, that's so wrong.

Why did you say that, it was so wrong.

You always embarrase me.


If you are at the receiving end and around people who only see negative in you, and continue to insult you and never see the good in you. And if this is leading to intense self doubt in uour mind, constant negative feelings, agitation and anger, then all of this is normal.

We are not meant to hear bad things about us all the time, we are not meant to be treated in a way that makes us feel everything is wrong with us. 

Sense of self will be depleted if someone is constantly attacking you.

You need to set boundaries from such people. You need to assert and stand up for yourself. You need to say it's not ok and say it until it's heard. 

No one can become a better version of themselves by listening to complaints and abuses about them all the time.

You is all you got. Seek therapy if you feel totally alone, choked and isolated, you don't have to put up with people who break you, you don't need to lose yourself ornchange yourself to please others all the time, what is needed is to change the company, have better people around and have boundaries.

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