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If they said nothing, is it a coincidence that whenever you are with them, you come back angry on me ? 

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Why did you not come to my parents with me this weekend?

But were you not ok with that? That's why you went and you didn't say anything then?

That's because I didn't gave time for fight then but this is very strange.


Why did you participate in that competition? Does it look nice that you being from a good family, are dancing around like this?

Why do you always come and attack on things much later than they happened? You never say anything then?

Why did you not call my family member? You don't want my respect to be there or what?


Why did you ask me to stay? Are you trying to separate me from others?

I asked him one day, does someone instigate or complain about me, are people talking behind my back because why is that on things you are totally ok, after sometime and especially after meeting people, you become angry with me?

Why is this?

He would ofcourse blame me saying, that he just said what he felt but it was a pattern, everytime he was away, he would come back snd fight on things that were otherwise normal to him.


He would give me attention and time and all of a sudden, he would feel.intense guilt after talking to others and he would then ignore me


I was becoming so heartbroken, so pained with this surely someone interfering in our relationship. I was getting upset and almost paranoid.


I joined therapy because i was exhausted, Therapist helped me that whether someone was making my husband against me is a thought that's bothering me and that the real solution lies in asserting and speaking for myself and also that I needed to also have things to think of beyond husband, why is he reacting the way he is and so on.


And I started asserting, started making my point heard and not be twisted by someone's view of me. I would also focus on my growth and life, and not give undue importance on things being said, giving these people who spoke behind my back importance.

The more I focused on myself, the more they felt uncomfortable and defeated. I stopped fighting with my husband when he came.all charged. And things just got so much better with my assertion, focus on self and moving away from quarrels to preserve my energy.


People will always try to disrupt your peace. Never let them do this to you! They will try to attack you, never be bothered. They will try to create differences but don't be a part of their scheme and everything will fall into place for you.

Thanks iwill therapy to help me pull out of this pain and hurt. I owe my strength and ability to be so happy now to you

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