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If you feel your tough times just dont end, read this.

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Ritika had a tough life after marriage. Her family had issues accepting her. She had to suffer from emotional issues, lack of love and affection initially from her husband due to her partner’s family dynamics! It took her a long time before things got better between them!

A lot of fights and struggles led her health to deteriorate and also her career took a setback!
What also took a setback was her Spirit! She couldn’t now trust good could happen to her!

People around as well criticized her and this would make her feel more drained!

She didn’t feel anything good happened to her or now could happen to her! She was lost!

If this is what you feel too, lost, unhappy, sad, alone, unsuccessful, unclear, anxious about then you are not alone

A lot of people who have gone through repeated struggles stop believing, stop having the energy...

Ritika started therapy at IWill 4 months ago. It was in therapy that Ritika was helped to see that what happened to her were events, they have passed. People will always criticize, work will always look tough when starting after a long gap. But she had to start it again.

She had to learn to let go and ignore and even set boundaries from those who criticize. She was also helped to create mental boundaries! How not to be taking personally or at heart things said by people who didn’t matter or who didn’t understand her situation!


In therapy, Ritika also learned to get past her fatigue and learning that she deserves or will get only failures. Just because things didn’t work out in the last several years, didn’t mean they won’t work now! She had never prioritized herself, her mental health earlier and this is why she faced all that she did! Now was the time, she could and had to prioritize self! 


Therapy helped her learn strategies to feel confident again, helped her creating her life such that small incidents in the right direction keep happening, and uplift her spirits. 


She also had to learn to not feel like a victim anymore and take charge and responsibility for her own life and happiness, success!

Ritika started working hard for self!

She started setting her boundaries! 

She started not paying attention or important to what people said, their opinions!

She started talking positively to herself, believing that she could do things, believing that she was in charge!

Today Ritika after a tough life of over 7 years, has started earning her own money, she looks better than ever, she works hard, loves and asserts for her happiness, she takes care of her emotions, does fulfills all dreams she has! 


Her day is full of things she wants to do and those that make her happy! 

She doesn’t feel that she is unlucky, she knows this world has all sorts of people, she knows that she has the power to build her life!

If you are dealing with pain, issues like Ritika, know that you are not alone! Know that you can overcome this! A sustained effort is needed and you need to be ready now to heal, it will need one time push to start taking care of your mental health, committing to taking charge of your life, and make it something that you are really proud of! 


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