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If you have a sensitive person in your life, rather than breaking them, keep them safe. They will love you forever and bring joy in your life 

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Signs of a sensitive person 

Loves you so much and is polite to you. 

Expects to be loved and cared as that is their nourishment.

Sensitive to things said to them and feels extremely broken when spoken rudely to.

Can read unsaid words and vibes 

Is extremely sensitive to sarcasm and indirect remarks 

Expects just pure love and companionship

Is easily broken and can have difficulty in managing and balancing emotions

Can feel empty very easily 


Relationship with close person/partner 

Due to these attributes sometimes, a sensitive person may be misunderstood. 

When they read unsaid vibes and feel bad and share it, they are attacked and often made to feel like they are wrong. Because they know the vibes were real and that they were not trying to create misunderstanding, for which they are now accused of, can make them feel completely broken.

Small remarks have a big impact on their heart, they take things internally and feel shattered because they will never same things to someone else.


Why you are lucky to have a sensitive person?

A sensitive person brings happiness, love and understanding.

They go out of the way to be kind even to those who may have harmed them in the past.

They are people with a heart.


Rather than attacking them or thinking that a sensitive person is someone who is drama, or not fit or someone who does things on purpose, know that the sensitive person is breaking themselves. 


Seek IWill therapy if you feel broken as a sensitive person, misunderstood and manipulated against. Seek support As couples to resolve differences.

Sensitive people are not lying, not pretending, they are hurting and just with little support, they can bounce back and give you love and happiness like no one else. Embrace their presence.


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