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Insulting and ignoring your life partner to satisfy others ego and narcissism is worst

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Narcissistic people around need complete attention.

They want to control people's life around.

They want everyone to obey them and make them feel special all the time.

They want almost everyone to sing their praises.

They dislike individual bonds that they don't approve of.

They want people to attack each other, insult someone who they don't like, just so that they can feel special and in control.

Yes that is narcissism and it's believed to be more common now than ever.

And narcissists destroy people they don't like.

They control people who otherwise don't want to abuse others or hurt others and turn them into a co-narcissist.

This is bad where ever it happens but it is worst when your own life partner, the person who should love you, protect you, be with you, make you feel special, becomes a co-narcissist and starts hurting you to make the narcissist feel happy and approving them.

A narcissist around would want that you don't have independent relationships.

One of the most independent relationship is that of a life partner so their first attack is on it. They cannot appreciate this bond at all, as it threatens their power.

Narcissist has no empathy as to feel happy, they want to just reduce the person they compete with to 0 and so they will go at any lengths to control this dynamic. So if a narcissist is around, they don't care it's your life partner, they see them only as someone they don't like and so they will display no empathy for them.


Narcissists need complete control of you and life partner and their time with them, in their mind threatens this bond and so they can absolutely make you ignore your partner to the point they feel pointless being in your life and completely isolated.

Narcissist's ego is big. And they would insult anyone to elevate how they feel about themselves. 

If you have a narcissist in life, and you are isolating your life partner to please them, don't do that, it's the worst.

This is your bond and it will be destroyed and you would keep blaming the wrong person.

You cannot deny attention, love and friendship to your partner. That's the very basic they need from you.

Your life partner needs to be seen from your eyes. Not how, the narcissist individual wants you to see them.

It's difficult to let go of narcissist abuse and you may very well be a victim too who now just doesn't know.

Seek therapy at IWill, as an individual or as couple, to know how you may be allowing abuse and neglect to continue.

No amount of love for one person should make you isolate and abandon another key partner. If this is happening, it could very well be a display of Narcissistic approval abuse. 

And you must work to stop this today.

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