IWill 2022-07-31 12:11 - 2 minute read

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Ironic and painful that women to bring another woman down, promote patriarchy and discrimination 

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Oh a married woman should never take her husband's name.

A man's career is more important.

A woman should after marriage only take care of her new family and parents and her home should become secondary. She should always keep her responsibility to her new home as the main thing in her life.

Accusing and sarcasm punch should she have some individuality, comments on how she spends her money and time and saying as though she doesn't have authority over her own decisions and choices.

Asking women to take part in customs that are sexist, that make her feel less, that break her down. 

The sad part is women, even young women, are the ones who are forcing this patriarchy on other women.

One would hope that women will understand the pain of facing this and therefore would support the other woman. But manytimes they for their own power and position, bring other women down using same tools of prejudice, lack of empathy and lack of equality for women.

I was on the receiving end of these brazen attacks by women and I was shocked, that this was done to be by women, educated women behaving like this with me.

I was in a living hell. To be honest male members of the family were better and more empathetic to me.

And this was most heartbreaking. I was in extensive therapy at IWill to overcome the shock, the hurt, the self doubt, that this had broken me down with. 

I am back asserting, standing up for myself, and not taking discrimination passed to me and normalisation of it, since other women are pushing it.

I hope women rise above and stop attacking their own gender, and make homes sometimes hell for a woman.

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