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Is it possible to rise back from worst? Yes, it is. Follow these 5

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Struggling in a bad career?

Have had bad relationships?

Don't feel like life is anything good to offer as things Have gotten from bad to worst ?


Can life turn around? Yes it can

Can things get better, yes they can, 

Can you still achieve and be the person you always wanted to be, as you can 

Can you make a happy life for yourself? Yes you can,


Please follow these 5

1. Believe in yourself 

Continue believing in yourself, in your ability to learn, in your ability to fight back, to be everything you wanted to be. This is the first critical condition that needs to be met, no matter what has happened, never believe you are not good enough, and if life's pain and issues have made you feel this way, please seek therapy at IWill. It will help tremendously in rebuilding your belief on yourself 


2. Be open to and plan change

If things aren't working out and you have tried many different ways, it's definitely time to change certain aspects, it's time to think about what more, what different can happen in your life ? And what is causing that hurt, you don't need to change everything and even direction of your life, small changes can make the difference.


3. Surround yourself with positive people 

When you are going through a negative time, you need people who can be your sun and show you ray of light and hope.

You need people who believe you and tell you that things will work out.

You need people who will not hurt you more for your weaknesses but make you feel stronger.


4. Get more active 

When things are bad, naturally we want to feel like stopping everything. Butvthat is going to harm more. You must stay active, do things that can make things better, engage in activities that provide you with meaning, purpose and drive 


5. Have empathy and kindness for yourself 

You missed a milestone, you failed a situation, you couldn't keep a relationship, no matter what it is, it's nothing that allows you to hurt and be unkind to yourself.

You are the one who has struggled, who has been empty, you need empathy, you need love, you need respect, you need kindness.

It's nor your fault. You have been in pain, don't blame yourself


Practicing these 5 can help you overcome your current challenges and Start shaping a life that will be different. 

Start therapy at IWill, if you feel hurt, pain and shame or guilt or any of these heavy emotions, painful thoughts that are stopping you from making a better life 

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