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It’s worst to cheat or ignore a wife while she is busy taking care

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As a woman, my husband remained my priority! I kept taking care of his needs, raising kids, putting my life behind him.

I just didn’t think of anything above our relationship. And yet I was never the most Important person of my husband’s life.
He would ignore me for his friends, his work, his family... I would always be at the last seat.

With time, things got worse, I started seeing him openly flirting with women around, complimenting them, laughing with them, in my presence... when I would confront him, I would be labeled as being conservative, too tough, too sensitive...

I was falling every day in depression. I had a feeling of being irrelevant, of life drifting away. I had a feeling of being cheated, of being treated like a maid sometimes, someone there to just do things while my husband has fun, love and life with others!

It was creating a deep sense of lack of self worth in me. It was creating depression, panic, anxiety, worry, life slipping away, fear of being left behind, of having lost!

I joined iwill therapy 6 months ago and first in therapy the therapist worked with me and rather than labeling me as “conservative”, “attacking”, “nervous”, “drama”, she listened to me and understood how much lonely I was, how much was I ignored and how small things that I needed for doing so much for everyone all my life, were not met!

She helped me first work on myself, work on my needs! She helped me have a life, free myself from the need to be just serving others, and have my own identity, not just work-wise, but opinion-wise, how do I be in my home, who do I listen to, I could have a say there. She helped me get secure in myself, have some confidence, some self-love... rather than being just on other’s mercy for happiness, I had all the right and power within me to carve my happiness and I did.

My husband who I asked to join therapy , in sessions was given a different perspective, a perspective that I was a human too! Pretty alien right? That I had the right to expect love... to not be treated in any way, that as a wife; I couldn’t be cheated upon, that I was more than just a maid or a woman who raises kids and entertains social circles... therapy helped him see that it was wrong and really inconsiderate for to be treated like this.., in a role-play session, he couldn’t even imagine what it would be like if our roles and places were to be reversed, if I did the same to him...
he is atleast getting a perspective, some insights on his behavior in therapy ... more than that I have risen from my pain and that complete helplessness!

It’s worst for a wife to be ignored and cheated upon, while she does everything to keep the family happy. It will not be tolerated anymore... I will not

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