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It took me long time but everyone who hurt me is shocked to see me today. MY STORY

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I am very successful today. I have a good career, I am happy, I am Resilient. And I don't cry, nor do I hide behind the scenes, I meet up, I socially mix and I know many people who had hurt me, who had left me, who had written me off would be shocked today.

Because it took me many years to reach here.

When they attacked me, bullied me, hurt me and decided to show that I was wrong and leave me, I was so weak that I completely felt broken. I was also going through health and personal challenges that their attacks and leaving me, was a Setback.


I had struggled in pain, in depression.

I saw people who left me go from happiness to happiness, and I breaking in pain, alone.


I had become so much filled with self hate, pity. I only felt looking at these people that may be it's good that they left, that I was undeserving and nor someone who could be happy or be successful or even have a good life.

I felt like I was a burden for the longest time.

On advice of a friend, I decided to take mental health help, therapy to heal my pain, and I started IWill sessions.

IWill Therapist helped me to see myself with empathy, to not hate my life but slowly work on it, to not give any more attention to those who left me and focus, it had already been year, and focus on myself, my assertion, my growth and my hope.


She helped me channel all my heart to arrive, to be a better person for myself, to have growth, confidence.

Through therapy I refocused my life on myself, I started taking continuous steps for my growth, I focused on my rising, I let go of the hurt, the words, the attacks that had been playing in my mind of so many years and just made me life about me.

And I am here today, everyone who left me wants to reconnect with me, people who had made fun of me are shocked to see my progress, people who had used bad words and made remarks are proven wrong, 

after years of being a losing, crying nobody, I have become my own

If you are going through depression and setbacks, work on healing yourself, heal yourself, everyone who hurt you will regret, just do the right thing for yourself, don't continue to break in pain, alone in silence.

Your best revenge is your happiness!

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