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Its worst pain to be around People who don’t want your happiness from within 

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People around you drive your motivation many times.

When people around you believe in you and your success; when they appreciate you, it makes you feel like doing more, continuing when things go bad!


But sometimes people find themselves living or being with people who are not happy seeing their success. This could be due to insecurity, lack of connection, lack of understanding or any other reason. But when this happens, it gets visible to the person who is facing it. 


I can say that because it happened to me!

If my partner would love me, no one was happy! 

If I would win something, no one felt good. It was all very superficial! 

If someone else gained something or it was about their success and happiness, it would bring immense joy to them!

I was so unhappy being here where no one was happy for me! I needed people who wanted me to have love, not create problems in that.  Who were genuinely there when I was losing, not making me self-doubt more or feel happy with my misery!


I was breaking beyond imagination! 

I joined IWill therapy not knowing what to do!!

And it was in therapy that I knew I had to focus on myself, I had to ensure I was happy irrespective of how people felt about me! In IWill therapy, slowly I learnt to even get support from people who always loved me! I didn’t have to run towards one set of people to heal me! I had many people who believed in me and there support mattered still! 

Anger hurt I was feeling, had to be replaced by love for self! 

I learnt slowly to realize that not everyone around will be happy for me and many would try to ruin it too! But ultimately the responsibility of protecting my own happiness was MINE! 

It’s isolating when a husband complains about his wife to others in his family

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