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Many of us have depression but continue to suffer because we dont have realization

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It's just a phase, it will get better!

So much bad has happened to me all these years, it's all because of that, my life has been a test for me!

I know what will help me with this, I exactly know, it's just that i Am unable to do it.

No one in my life can feel happy, my life just is very bad, that's what it is.

She has always been like that. It's her personality.

This is drama. This is attention seeking. Whenever something doesn't go his way, he starts crying like a 3 year old.

I am just not good enough. I can't succeed.

These were things said by people who were all suffering or knew someone suffering from depression, kept struggling because they had no realisation. 

All of them now in IWill therapy have either recovered and are building great lives or are on the pathway to recovery. 

The problem is realisation for existence of depression is lacking, there is stigma and lack of clarity of how if its depression. What can help even do?

So to answer both questions, 

First with some symptoms of depression and what is not normal 


If you feel sad or hopeless and not good enough for more than 2 weeks. It's not ok to ignore it. Some people let this go for years, it's not ok at all. It very well could be depression or some other emotional issue.

If you feel demotivated, find trouble organising your day, do not feel like you gave the energy or the clarity to do what it takes and it's been on and off, and you are just struggling through it.

If you feel like not eating or eating a lot, sleep difficulties, lack of energy and somehow these symptoms always bounce back, it's not worthy of being ignored.

If you feel a sense of loss, you don't feel like meeting anyone and there is decline in your ability to socialise and be with people, it's not normal.

If your career, your life has come to a halt. It's not normal.

What can therapy do? How will any of it help?

Sometimes when you are driving and you get lost somewhere, would you continue trying on your own getting lost and lost and lost, or would you put GPS on, ask someone around and get to your destination in time?

You were still in driving seat, you were still the owner of your experience but you just lost some perspective because you were stuck, you needed some help on the route.

That's what therapy does for us, when we start feeling lost, sometimes when things are rough, therapy gives us the perspective of how it's OK, of walking to the right path and having the map to it. It's that simple and that helpful.

You have a friend, he talks all day bad about himself? Would you help him stop? Would you want him to atleast try thinking of things that could be better?

You deserve the same. You deserve empathy, someone to tell you and show you how you are right, until you develop that relationship with yourself where you self uplift and believe your self analysis, therapy can help.

Therapy can help you refocus on areas of your life that will make a difference, see your life from.larger picture and trust and walk on the path.

To break the unreal perception depression creates, realise when you are struggling and seel help.

Depression is a silent killer and help.is available. It happens to many and is very common, seeking help, accepting its there are the steps needed.


You deserve growth.

You deserve company

You deserve appreciation

You deserve to win

You deserve to smile

You deserve to be celebrated.

Don't let depression live your life, claim your life back from it

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