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Marriage is not the responsibility of one partner. Expecting adjustment from one is wrong

Samriddhi Sharma

What did my partner expect from me when it came to our marriage?

You must adjust. You must make me happy.

You should love my family. You should make me smile.

You should say sorry. You need to gel with my friends.

You need to respect my career choices.

You need to respect the life i had...


What did our IWill therapist helped us see through sessions!

If this is was marriage is conceived as, or perceived as, then it is not really a marriage...

What is the problem here?

The problem is that marriage is not about one person expecting only and the other person only being there to fulfill their needs.

The other person is not a robot. The other person is not a thing, that is there to solve your purpose, with no wish of its own.

Your partner is not a possession. They are not pleasing genies for you.

They cant be broken. Their mental health cant be compromised.

IWill therapy helped us reach to a point where, we came from what all I need to do, to who we are 

You both have to walk a journey where it becomes

We must accept. We must make each other happy.

We must not let ego come in between us.

We are a family. 

We need to respect and enable the career choice of each other. 

We should value each other's values.

We should enable respect, space, and honor for our partner..

We should make marriage the happiest part of our lives...

My suggestion

As a couple, if you struggle to draw the boundaries, stand for your spouse. As a couple if you feel, your partner treats you the last while your life has changed completely, you can reach out to iWill for couple sessions...

Marriage is the best part of life when the true meaning is understood, and lived...

Don't let this become something that drains your mental health and happiness 

Samriddhi Sharma

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