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My brother did what Rakshabandhan means. He ensured I was out of a toxic marriage and didn't let me suffer in the name of society 

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Come home, you have had enough. You have a job. I and my wife are here to support you. Bring our nephew to us. So what if you are married and have a child. So what if you feel no one is there for you.

Toxic people, devaluing you everyday, making you feel worthless, always expecting and never giving love or care, emptying your soul, you deserve better than this.

I'll fight for you. You will fight for yourself. That's how it goes my dear sister. Come home. Your home. 


A place you don't have to pretend to be someone else.

A place where your smile is not seen as over or extra.

A place where when you achieve, you are not put down.

A place where you are happy, you are not attacked.

A place where you are unwell, it hurts people around and you get care.

A place where you are insulted in small and indirect and many times direct ways everyday.

A place where you are hurt and made to feel like you don't deserve.


Come home sister.

These were words of my brother last year on Rakshabandhan. I had been in therapy at IWill ever since I became a mother of my son as things become unmanageable.


My husband only listened to his family and ignored me

I had no parenting support.

I had been trained in engineering. But I was expected to only serve hot food, do everything by my own. My husband or his family would never even lift a glass of water.

He also would go out with friends while I had not been on a holiday ever since the birth of my child.

I was going through a nightmare of pain and iwill therapy helped me stand up, assert, find ways to find a job, and speak to my family.

Earlier when I spoke to my parents, they would say the same thing. He is nice to you as well. 

He would change.

But he wasn't meant to change. None of them were.

They wanted me to change and become into a nobody just someone who serves, follows command and have no life or ambition of my own.


My therapist had one or two sessions with my brother and he realised that I was in bad state. I had never spoken to earlier as much about this but now he knew.

And he extended his full support to me. Full, he came down when I cried on call and took me back. He fought the case on my behalf, he was there, he was there for his wife, he has been the best man for my bhabhi and I am so thankful. That's what every woman deserves.

Today on this Rakshabandhan as I look back IWill and you my brother, my sun, you pulled me out.

I take care of my son.

I have bought a house a small one but good for us two.

And I have my family, my brother tells me whenever i am ready for moving ahead, have a partner, he will be there. That's what Rakshabandhan is.

My brother and bhabhi celebrated my life in action and became the force to take me out of that toxic marriage.

Simran Saluja

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