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My ex-husband is shocked to see my condition after divorce 

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I was walking down the office building where my ex-husband saw me. I was unrecognizable to him at the first go, he looked closely and then came to me.

He looked shocked and he came to me, Priya I am surprised... you look so different.

What are you doing here in this office?

At first I didn't want to talk to him, but then was reminded that I needed to be confident in my skin and not be affected by anyone


So I replied 


Hi Ashray, 

Good to see you. It's my office here at the first floor?

In this building, he asked?


Yes, in this building.

What are you doing to be able to afford an office space here?

To which I replied, the same thing, my own soaps and herbal products business, it has taken off and I right now have a team of 50 people working with me.

His face turned visibly angry and upset...After all he had always written my ambitions off, as fantasy, me as incapable and having ideas that are so "childish".

He composed himself, and said, you look great, you have lost lot of weight.

To this I said, Thanks, I love myself a lot now and take my health seriously....

He asked me where exactly do you live now, at your brother's?

I said, well I am always welcome there but no, I just bought a small home for myself. My first home in this life, a place I can sit comfortably, relax and never be made to feel like I am unwanted...


As he heard this, he couldn't help but just said a quick bye and moved away. 


I was so happy within, something moved in me and I had tears...

I had been in an emotionally abusive marriage, where my ex-husband was always controlling, angry and disrespectful to me

He would keep breaking my confidence, comment on my weight, make me isolated, expect me to serve his family and be just there as some support for him. 

I was lonely, isolated and anything I wanted to do, he would make fun of me.

He would attack small things on my personality and keep embarrassing me for who I was..

He would throw drama if I did anything that he didn't approve of, throwing things, anger, completely stunning me, and more.


I was so broken, I would eat a lot to feel somewhat in control, my health, my personality my self belief all had taken a toll.


Things went so problematic, isolating for me that i decided to just exit the marriage..He made divorce so difficult too and warned me that I would suffer a lot, that I would basically be a burden on my brother, how I would have no one to take care of me..



He made it a hell for me

I joined IWill therapy and my therapist helped me completely re-imagine myself. 

She appreciated my ideas, she would help me through therapy take charge and action. 

She helped me heal, helped me trust my self.

Therapy helped me build a relationship with my own self

 All this while I was looking for others to lift me up, do things for me, not hurt me. But I could do it all for myself. I had to love myself, heal myself, nurtures the person in me.

She helped me, motivated me take steps for growth, for my career and for my life.

I took up my business idea to family, borrowing little money and making things on order using instagram. And then I started working even harder but much happier, I started loving myself.

Today I am an example, of happiness, of winning against all odds and world is happy or shocked to see me, depending on what they thought of me.

Today I have taken my revenge of a poor marriage, not by being abusive to someone else, but by being a force in me.


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