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My husband dated women, abused me, ruined me & it took me 10 years to classify this as TOXIC

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He loves me a lot. He can't be without me, not even for a day...

Yes he can't because he needs a slave

You cant be with your family. They are all abusive and bad... According to your husband, he can't stand them and you need to be with him and away from them to keep the family "happy"

You cant rise more in your career. He has to be more...You have to leave job to follow his suite.

He can beat you if you do anything out of your choice, he gets angry, finds any reason to fight even if it happens in months, even if he hits himself too, its still wrong...Very wrong

He flirts with other women...

He makes you serve him and just speaks nicely, the old charm they showed, the love they showed, is all gone...



They might still be depenednt on you, but thats not love...


ITS NARCISSIST ABUSE, ITS BEEN 10 YEARS. YOU ARE ADDICTED. TO IT. YOU SEE THEM AS MORE HUMAN THAN YOU. You keep abuse going on too. Little power over them now that you have is a revenge, but its toxic, its not LOVE, you dont wish each other's well.


You need to for once stop the cycle of abuse, try and see that you can have happiness, focus on your career, do things for your loved ones, and for them too if you want, but not live a life of slave or abused woman!



This was me in therapy at IWill, shocked and yet not so shocked to understand that I have lost my life, hurt my people, destroyed my career for one man... the man who ironically feels happy making me less than him, feels in control and in power by being more than me...And once I knew it, I wanted to undo the pain, escape the abuse...

I started taking baby steps, setting boundaries that I will leave, if he abuses and I won't come back, making him step away from letting me do my duties, picking up a career, and work again


His drama happened but this time he didn't meet the same SUJATA, THE FEAR OF LEAVING HIM EVEN WITH ALL THE DRAMA WAS GONE IN MY EYES...

He could see that this puppet had gained a voice, his charm of 10 years ago didn't hold me now, his manipulation of showing to be on my side, while ruining me won't work...


after 10 years thanks to IWILL, I broke myself out of the cycle of NARCISSISTIC ABUSE!


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