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My only aim now is to make myself happy and achieve a lot. I have done enough to please others and it never made me happy

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Please care as much as you can. Or else he will not love you.

Do as they say or else they will never appreciate you.

Sacrifice yourself or else no one will see your value.

Don't speak or say things, otherwise they will leave you.


I was always told to put myself behind others.

And I kept losing.

Everyone would neglect me, leave me when their purpose would get solved, bully me, expect me to have no sense of self.


I kept losing.

I had no priorities. My career suffered a lot. I had no independent standing, no personality and this kept happening.

I was beyond depressed. And I saw those telling me how to live for others, only selfishly building their own life.

I was tired of the hypocrisy and wanted to get out of this fear cycle.


I joined IWill therapy to learn how to let go of this fear, to make big changes, to stop putting myself last, to stop being available for others, to live for myself and to now do things that make me happy.

In therapy I gained the strength to prioritise and stand for my career.

In therapy I gained the strength to say no to expectations of sacrifice for others, at my expense.

I gained the courage to be comfortable in people leaving me.


I stood my ground and today I am successful, with a business that's growing, a happy face that is Beaming, a deal that I won't be part of any place where my respect is traded.

My aim now is to first make myself happy. I had lost myself in the process, now finding myself again

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