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My partner is so full of ego, when that strikes, they make me feel worthless and completely ignored Ego defines our relationship

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My partner has had a lot of ego issues with me from the very first day.

Yelling, silent treatment, ignoring me, not coming home, and not even touching me or talking to me were some of the tactics used to show me that they were upset.

And this would happen if I slightly said something that they didn’t like or if they were angry or upset!

They wanted me to please them all the time
Speak to their family a certain way.
Always say yes in whatever they say.
They always wanted to be seen as superior.

It wasn’t a relationship that was normal.

Some days they would be happy when I was just doing what they wanted and whenever I needed something to happen according to me; they would attack me so bad! More than saying, they would go silent.

My tears would flow and they would ignore me.
If I would be unwell and they had an ego attack at the time, they would let that go too.

They didn’t care I existed when they had an ego. I would get more restless, scared, insecure, and lost, that they would abandon me but this would continue!

I was so scared and yet so upset within my heart for leading like this.

I joined IWill therapy and it was here that I learned to get stronger, to not feel so broken when they break me with their ego.

I needed to show that I am not as concerned too. I needed to do that for myself, get past this fear of abandonment and this complete inability to keep my mental health straight.

I started not getting perturbed by silent treatment! 
I decided not to get upset with the ignorance!
I decided to claim my mental health and narrative and feel comfortable in my own skin.

My partner would note that now their ego trips would not unsettle me, I wouldn’t care if they didn’t talk to me, I still claimed my space and I didn’t surrender to them.
I didn’t cry, skip my work, lose out on my life, my food and my health...

They asked me yesterday what was the change all about and they wanted to talk to me... I shared how I was in therapy and healed and was fine now with their actions or behavior, they didn’t disturb me anymore...

They said they want to join therapy too. I don’t know if that’s a good idea right now...

but I want to say, don’t let someone full of ego even if that is your partner to control you so much that you break, don’t let them empty you emotionally; don’t let their silent treatment make you feel unwanted or scared about your future!

No one is bigger than yourself and your mental health!

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