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My real hurt is from my husband, not his family. He promised me love and changed in pressure 

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I will love you always. Trust me.

We would be so happy together.

I promise, you would be a priority for me.

All these words that made me convinced that my husband is the man for me, turned out to be hollow.


REAL hurt post marriage has been with my husband.

Yes, he was the one who promised me love and then in pressure started ignoring me.

What he liked about me, he now expected me to change it to prove his worth to his family and the display of loyalty to them.


He didn't have the strength to stand for his own wife when she is attacked, made to hear unpleasant remarks. His family didn't love me, they didn't promise me respect, he did.

I came here for him and he left me on my own.

I came here for his promise of love and he stopped giving me attention, rather started fighting with me to please others.


I was disoriented, heartbroken thinking about him, not anyone else. 

I can't blame his family for my suffering because they didn't have any relationship or soft corner for me, but my husband did.

I felt like I don't recognise him at all for the love that he gave to me.


I was in therapy at IWill. I had to first heal myself, I had to hold myself together, Therapist helped me focus on my career and self, and assert and speak to both his family and him, when i was unfairly targeted.


He joined couple therapy too and it was here that he could see how much broken I had become, how abandoned and alone I felt. How painful things had become for me.


I wanted to share how I really was more hurt by my husband's neglect, I didn't associate with anyone else to feel good or bad, you feel hurt only by people who you rely on.


He is promising to change but the hurt, pain, anger is still there. I am working on it. 


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