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My wife deserves to work, win and have my love. Like me she too just has one life

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She will fulfill her dreams too. Just like me. And I will support her.

I will love her and be there for her.

There is no competition she has with anyone. She is my life partner and I don't need permissions to love her.

Yes we will have children and we will raise them together. This question is not about her alone. This is about us.

I don't like how she is treated here. If this is my home, it's hers too.

If it's my dining table, it's hers too.

If it's my happy place, it's has to be hers too. She came here trusting me, believing in me, looking beyond her parents to me.

I am here to protect her happiness.

This was me Kshitij. And I had realised that my wife was in depression for every wrong reason

Being my wife didn't mean she had to stop being herself

Being my wife couldn't mean serving us and not having me. She is here for receiving love, building a family and a reciprocal relationship with me.


She also has ambitions and one life and that's team

I realised all this not by myself unfortunately. My wife and I had to be in couple Therapy at IWILL. 

IWILL if you are reading us here know already that it's a platform that has helped so many people get happiness...

My therapist in the most non judgemental way helped me see how much my wife had suffered.

How much she loved me. See really what my role in her life was as her role in my life was and she helped us experience an intimate personal bond of happiness that transformed me and I could see as an educated, loving, beautiful person, she was being made to suffer for no reason at all.

Thank god we took help at IWill

Thank god we have each other.

I am happy listening to wife's laughter again. 

She is the most beautiful person and she and I enable each other's growth and happiness now and I will not let anything come in between this

Kshitij Chauhan 

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