IWill 2022-07-28 03:16 - 2 minute read

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My wife is not a punching or dumping bag. I am not against you, I am against this behavior now

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No she will not be ok to casual remarks on her looks and choices.

No I don't want her family which is mine too, to be picked upon or called names just to bring false Elevation of Status.

No, I will not be ok with remarks on her looks, what she eats and how she behaves.

It's not ok to make fun of her depression and make her feel like it's her.

It's not ok when I don't do something and blame comes on her and that now I have changed because of influence.

I am not ok in this continuing.

I don't want to fight this for her, I want the abuse to end.

My wife has been through a lot. Initially I ignored it and even sometimes hurt her thinking that it's my family but the atmosphere has been so toxic for her.

She would cry all day and her crime, marrying me and expecting a home like treatment from her new home. Too much to ask for?

She is my responsibility. Don't say that she is here to break our bond, she was here and is here to form a new bond with me, this is what marriage is.


She and I had to be in IWill therapy for the longest possible time. She was depressed hurt, broken and unable to feel Happiness and now I understand why...


I will not let her be attacked for being just there.

These small daily remarks and stressor are breaking her down.

And I don't want her to be put through this. 


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