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Narcissists will keep you confused, they will give you a lot of love and then treat you so bad until they break you. Don't let them

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You are the most beautiful person in this world. I can leave anything for you 

When they say this to you, and they do those gestures, your heart skips many Beats!


Next day they are not there, they pick up any small reason to fight with you, you don't know what happened but you don't offend them because you crave that attention and you let them have their power.

They tell you they can't live without you, involve you in all big things and small 

And then suddenly make you feel unworthy, say that it was a mistake trusting you! 

And you would want to earn their trust!

They will fling their anger on you making you hurt because they were the ones who loved you and to undo the hurt you are compelled to go back to them, a psychology tactic they employ  

They abuse you, blame you and then they say people around you are bad and that they are feeding you, they gaslight you to believe that their changing love is because anything and everything you have done as they LOVE you the most and you feel broken and you feel hurt and you feel ashamed of everything within you 

They cherry pick your mistakes and make them look like big problems within you. And you mull over them and then they give you some validation and you feel happy, only to know that they have taken it again

You had a full life of your own 

But now they occupy your thoughts 

Their likes and dislikes scare you and you play by their rules

You can do anything to please them even when it comes at your cost and they break you totally with bread crumb like attention


And one day it all stops!

It all stops like it was never there 

They are there but emotionally they have discarded you! They won't still let you go because you are now their emotional punching bag and in breaking you, they hide their own insecurities

Don't let them win over you! Defeat them! Lack of your attention and lack of your availability is their biggest punishment, what they do with themselves and they may find someone else just to hurt you, but you deserve better

Cut that tie and save yourself now, save as your life is for you, not to be kicked, and put down and serve them

If you resonated with this article, just start with first booking sessions, take a step towards healing, even if it feels you can't stand up! Try and may be you find you can

And you are now broken, lost, hurt, behind your dreams and self doubting, alone and lonely, isolated and with no options but for them

 And you are afraid

We know this pain but recognise these signs early on if these are early days and seek help. We know you want that love, you crave that attention but someone who truly has that for you will be balanced and there and not use it as a play

Second and if it's been too long, you need to now cut the narcissistic abuse. Know it won't come easy


Your work is far lagging behind

You are emotionally broken.

You feel like you are just stuck

Your abuse is so deep that you have no healing scope

That you can't fight 


You can! Start Therapy today at IWill. Therapist will help you draw boundaries! They would help you stand up for yourself! They will help you find faith in yourself! They will help you heal the trauma and not look for that bread crumbs anymore

They will help you overcome this addiction of pain and love that they create using manipulation

They will help you cut through their drama and yes they will go all low and it may hurt temporarily more, but you would have hope again in life, a chance to be yourself and grow.


For IWill therapy, start from web itself, top right corner or download the app from below. All sessions are online. Start today! Don't wait 


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