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 To stop triggers & things impacting you, either become indifferent or move away

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Our mental health is compromised when we have triggers and things in our life that make us lose our control, feel less about self, feel stuck or feel so fearful or sad.

Triggers and things can be many. Sharing some examples here

Triggers that need to be stopped. That one cannot adjust to and the need here is to assert and draw boundaries
1. Meeting People who attack you directly
2. Constantly listening to things said about the self that is unhelpful and unkind
3. Being in an environment where you are ignored, made to feel secondary or isolated
4. Being discriminated against or facing sarcastic toxicity
5. Being denied the opportunity for self goals and needs

Some triggers are such that you can learn to cope with them, manage them so that you keep your calm and don’t block your growth

1. Some things about Work settings that may remind of past failures
2. Dealing with small uncertainties and things that happen on a day to day basis
3. Presence of some people who don’t directly attack you now but are just there
4. Having a meeting when you may be socially anxious
5. Having a small fight that triggers you to think that relationship may get over. Or doing something extreme
6. Feeling like a failure on small failures or small bottlenecks
7. Some people’s causal remarks about you.

Triggers over time can find a permanent place in our life and make us lose control, our happiness, our joy, and our ability to perform!

If you are dealing with multiple triggers that are causing mental health issues, practical life issues of fights, work avoidance and negligence, and mental struggle for you, then seek therapy at IWill.

Therapy will allow you to understand why triggers impact you the way they do, segregate the ones that you need to get ok with being present while learning to cope with them, and not let them decide your behavior.

The other trigger is real-time toxicity; that needs to be blocked, asserted again and this requires therapy for you to be able to Stand for yourself, to be able to know when to move on, and get the strength to do it while focusing on your life...

Mental health issues don’t occur in a vacuum. They are a direct result of how we have been treated and things in the past, and their memories triggered by things today, impact our emotions, perception, and thoughts about self.

For IWill therapy, you don’t have to go anywhere... if you are dealing with depression or a sense of lack of control, of being not able to do things that will bring happiness to you, despite trying and feeling stuck in time!

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