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No, I am not less than my husband or family. I deserve equal respect

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You slept till 8:00 am?

Yes, I was really tired. I have an office too. My body hurts and I need rest. 

But you are the daughter-in-law of the house. We too came here and did take care of these things.

I am sure mummy and I feel bad that neither your mother-in-law nor you stood up for your rights. But I will. I work as hard as Akshay and also Preeti. They both get to sleep as much since it's their home.. But then what is this for me? I was also brought here with the same expectation, that this is my HOME!


You should leave this job and plan a baby now.

Sure, I'll plan the baby when I am ready… But leaving the job is something no one has the right to decide for me. I love my work and if and when I'll have the baby, I will ask for support from Akshay and others too. Guess my baby too would want a mother with some dreams and spine!

Oh, you call him “tum”. He is your husband. You should respect him. It's basic


And what's between us as husband and wife are between us… It's also basic… I wonder why he is never asked the same questions? Why am I not worthy of respect-worthy? I thought the times have changed but guess they have not. 

He is so tired and then you keep asking him to go out with you. You should take care of him. We were like that

How do you assume that your son doesn't enjoy my company? And really I feel bad, to be always attacked. For being a wife, for being myself. I have tolerated this enough… But I won't anymore… I have a space for myself 

I have been so depressed ever since i have stepped here.

I never have felt this way in my home…

I see Preeti and Akshay being treated like this home is for them and I am here as an outcast, to serve,, As educated, as aware, as ambitious and as loved, how did it become OK for me to get such discrimination?


I am always the trouble maker… If I ask for something I am selfish.

Everyone’s treatment that I shouldn't exist as I wanted… I had become so self-doubting, so hurt, so pained, so not wanting to love, so restless and irritable


I started IWill therapy on my sister’s recommendation.

It was in therapy that, therapist helped heal my emotions, get me to a position where I COULD just think for myself and not cry and be so damn helpless.

The therapist helped me become assertive, keep my respect and that of others, say what was hurting me, feel confident that in wanting a family member-like treatment, I WAS NOT BEING UNFAIR. 

My husband too joined iWill therapy and he could see how hurt I was, he could understand how my sense of self was being destroyed.

I don’t let bad treatment be given to me anymore. I take care of my emotional, social, and mental health

I deserve equal respect and I am no less than my husband! Just because I am a wife…! 


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