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No matter how good you are, if you are at a wrong place, you will be made to feel and be worthless most of the times. 

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I started feeling like I am not a good looking person, certainly not as much as I thought to be. Because I would be praised but shown a flaw. I would be instantly compared with someone else.

I started feeling like I am not at all lovable because I was ignored. I could read the signs. It was about their needs, their problems, their mood, their life, and I was just a no one in this scheme. They also had issues with my laughter, my personality. They would constantly tell me what and what not to do.

I started feeling like I wasn't capable enough because every win I had, someone would be better.

There was always insecurity with how much success other people have, anytime I had something good to share it would be made to feel like I was sharing something that wasn't special enough.

And then there were constant reminders of how less I was, how less I had achieved in life. Whenever I would sit, one way or the other I would be devalued, asking me uncomfortable questions, making me doubt my self worth.

And within months, I became this person

My face looked like it had lost all its charm.

My confidence on self and my motivation to continue was dwindling and reducing.

I was lonely and ignored and felt like I didn't matter to anyone, anymore.

I felt worthless and started having bouts of depression. 


I had never felt less about myself than I felt here.

I was referred by a friend to join IWill therapy.

And it was here that the therapist reminded me of a rose in garbage.

She said what I am going through, what a rose would become when there is garbage around.

She helped me see most of my worthlessness, insecurity, lack of will to try new things and so much self doubt was coming from people around.

I never doubted how i looked until I was compared like this.

I never doubted my skills until I was with these people.

I was always getting love, until they made me feel like I was worthless and not deserving of their love.

The place was setting my worth as opposed to it being anything about who I was.....

She helped me learn to disconnect, widen my social net of circle, reconnect with ideas and activities and people who made me feel alive, worthy, who gave me happiness, who gave me love.

She helped me take real stock of where I stood and did show me things that I had done in face of adversity that most people wouldn't be able to do, she helped me see my worth again.... She helped me see how I had what it took to become successful.

She helped me learn to assert, draw boundaries, create mental barriers, respond, learn to filter out things just said to make me feel less about self.

She helped me stand up for myself, say no for things that broke me and speak back if something unfair was said to me or about me.

And it helped therapy sessions, mental disconnection, being in different social settings, getting praises and applause helped. I became who I deserved to be....


I started rising up in career, getting better in shape, more confident, attracting positive people.....

And I am now after 1 year as relaxed as I can ever be. Things are working out well and I am happy like I have not been in last 2 months.

That's why I thought must share my story.

It's not you. Many times its the people around. It's the world around. It's the wrong place that is breaking you and your strength.

Get help. Rise. Seek he'll and never again suffer in silence.

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