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People don’t run away from families.They run away from discrimination & less treatment

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Sitting in the family group, I felt like I didn’t matter! My elder brother who always earned more, was more boastful would get more attention. People would endlessly praise him... I wasn’t jealous of him... but I felt invisible... I felt like I wasn’t enough.: over the years I became conscious, scared,  I would even hesitate to speak up in front of my family... I became depressed...

I literally felt like I wasn’t enough... and this feeling is what I started running from... the more I ran, the more hollow I became...

I wasn’t running away from family.. I was running away from the feeling they gave me! 


I don’t have a problem with my husband’s family... my problem is with the discrimination.. I am never talked about... it’s all about them..: their issues, they ignore me... I am only asked to do things..: to not be a part but to serve and this is what hurts me... I have never been so discriminated... my hurt. My pain. Nothing matters...at all to them! Even my husband wouldn’t talk to me when others are around... I lie low in a room! 


These are some of the statements of people in therapy at IWill.


People go in depression, not because they are alone, but because sometimes their family members make them lonely!

People run away from family setups because they are treated secondary, they are made to feel like they are not important. This breaks them more! 


Sense of self goes down... suffocation and humiliation and anger creeps in! 


In therapy we help people come out of depression, to derive their sense of self not basis how even their own family sees them due to their poor dynamics, but how they want to be in life. We help them assert, speak up, ask and communicate on what is hurting, help people see how this hurts how they are being ignored... 

And sometimes even do family therapy with others to help the family see how their ignorance is harming their own people!

A family member who is ignored can develop depression, self-esteem issues, and even feel abandoned! 

It’s not that they want to not be with the family... it’s that they don’t want to be suffering being with the worst people! 


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