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People want supportive son in laws but don’t want son to support wife. Hypocrisy

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My daughter should get the best of the home! Her husband should care for her, should spend time with her. We love our daughter!

It’s so good to have a son in law who respects you as parents and loves you in the same way. We are so blessed. He really gives us so much respect, does things for our daughter and helps her completely at home!

And in the same time, same people discourage husband who is their son to be sensitive to their wife!

He becomes careless
He becomes ungrateful
He becomes zoru ka ghulam
He becomes selfish
He becomes someone who has deserted their parents just for caring for wife!
He becomes weak, unmanly if he helps the wife!
He is made to look like the most horrible person around if he is sensitive to his wife!

So bad that many men end up being indifferent to their wife!
Many men become completely
Impacted by this framing and attack that they isolate their own wife

This leads to mental health issues in women, depression, anxiety, and severe trauma. So many women in therapy are because of this hypocrisy that exists because of it!

Men and women come in couple therapy where men too feel torn, judged and confused, and scared because of the societal hypocrisy!

In therapy, we help the couple to see that it’s important for them to have a core couple unit. To see that the hypocrisy that expects them to be ignoring their partner doesn’t exist sometimes when it’s about one’s daughter!

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