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People who act one day as best wellwisher but continue to attack are worst

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The worst pain is to be with people who do everything to insult you; randomly make you feel small, say things to you, remind you of your weaknesses, gaslighting others against you and yet when others are about to see their manipulation and even you are about to be convinced that you need to have your boundaries, they randomly become so good to you that you get confused and others around too. One day they would praise you, shower you with gifts, act as though they really want you to be happy. And then they would fall back to the same behavior after some time!

I know such people. I became completely emotionally exhausted, emotionally refused and angry, humiliated.

People around me, the ones I thought would stand by me were completely taken over by this manipulation. Showing fake good love for me at some points and showing as though the less than loving behavior is because of some reason too.

I was never so love deprived . I was never living with fake people who blamed me for their behavior. Even I would get confused by their shower of love..: even I would doubt myself.

I was beyond unhappy.
Due to a lack of a continuous good environment, my career had gone for a toss. I had developed mood issues and I would remain sad and completely helpless. 


I decided to start IWill therapy to gain some perspective on how to deal with this, what to do so that pain lessens, frustration lessens. 

Here is where my emotions got validated! It was not ok to be treated so apathetically and that was causing me to hurt. The garb of a few good days couldn’t undo the pain of the entire time!

I deserved better and more happiness!

I deserved to understand and respect too! 

I deserved to be in a good environment that is not negative for me!


I started creating my boundaries! I started calling out bad behavior when it was happening! I started taking care of my mental health... I would focus on my career. I would not listen to their words and I would not cry over them for days... 


I deserved better use of my time than wasting it on people who were anyways bitter to me!

I communicated with people who mattered too and help them see what I was really going through... they had to see this too that by offering 1 one good of behavior, 300 bad days of behavior cannot be justified and that no loved one who really cares behaves like this.

That there was nothing to be confused about! That the masks were out. 

In life we often meet people who pretend to be good to us but only for some time and the rest of the time they keep naturally hurting, blaming, making one feel bad! I am so done with this behavior! I am out of depression and I will not let myself be abused for someone who is FAKE GOOD

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