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People who made me feel less are shocked today to see my HAPPINESS

Amisha Verma

Today I have bought my first home WITH my money and my work, no one bought it for me, no husband, no parent and I can't feel more relieved and happy to see how far along I have come...
I have a job, I am happy, I don't cry and pity myself anymore
I don't look like the helpless and hopeless person who would never have anything in her life
I don't sit there and keep crying all day because I am isolated, or being ignored or constantly compared and humiliated!

And people who abandoned me, made me feel like I didn't exist, blocked my every happiness, constantly compared and hurt me to make me aware of how I was failing are shocked today!

I was around people who really caused me a lot of harm because of my sensitive nature. They would attack me, make me constantly doubt my abilities, make me aware of how I was lonely, how they could control people around me and use them to attack me. They would always remind me of my gaps, they would then try and manipulate that they were doing this to "help" me.


I went from bad to worse phase.

I was a crying mess because of their words of bitterness, and despite that, they being all happy while I kept falling in worse situations, broke me!

Like the good heart didn't matter. Like my pain was not heard by anyone!

I joined IWill therapy, on the insistence of a friend who saw that no one else but I was letting my own destruction.

The first thing that happened in therapy was someone was able to give me hope, not just words of hope, but really prove it to me scientifically with evidence from my life that things will change.

The therapist helped me see the good in me, all that I was capable of, again not empty words but with a different perspective on examples from my life!

The therapist taught me how my biggest reply to their hurt was cutting their influence off on me and for once, work for myself without distraction!

The therapist taught me how I had to assert boundaries, for once stop looking at what is being said about me, and stand up for myself.

She helped me focus on my happiness, growth, help me arrive at a plan for myself.

It was tough, but SOMEHOW with conviction, motivation, I stuck to it! 

AND today after a year my life has started changing 180 degrees. I am happy, I am winning, people around can see my growth, my happiness and I won't lie, seeing shock in the eyes of people who hurt me all these years, makes me feel like it's the VINDICATION of all the hurt I got!

if you are broken, seek therapy today, heal from WITHIN and see your life GIVING befitting answers to all your abusers! 

Amisha Verma

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