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People who talk negatively constantly about you and others and in general are over-demanding and under-delivering are the worst

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No matter what you do or anyone else does for them, they find faults. 

They feel they are born superior and they deserve special treatment, that they know the best and that everyone no matter what their circumstances are should be available for them as they would like, this is how they suffocate anyone.

No one is ever able to satisfy who they are and the closer you are to them, the worse position you have.


The signs that they are toxic is that they would always be talking behind everyone behind their back. 

The worst pain of being around them is that to please them you are overdelivering, they also attack, manipulate, and openly question you in front of others, forming these mini gangs that many times sensitive people or people close to them are forced to do what they want them to do.

And yet they never are there for you. When you need them, they trivialize your pain, they trivilaise your experiences and never are available for you. They have no sensitivity towards you. If you can't be there for them, they demonize you in front of others, without ever understanding that you can be busy too, that you too can have health issues, that you too have a heart, that you too can have work. 

And this is why they break you. The closer you are to them, the worse off you feel. 

The closer you are in their circle, the farther you get from peace and happiness. 

Many people at IWill therapy come due to this pain, and broken emotions that just cause them so much hurt.

And we help them stand up for themselves, to stand against the blatant one-sided toxicity. To speak and assert to be spoken so poorly to, to stop them from being made to feel like you don't matter.

Therapy at IWill helps them find a way to be themselves again, to be okay with not being in their good books because no one is really in their good books in reality. They are not really adding value to anyone, not even themselves. 

Their toxicness, their expectations, their demands, and their insecurities are not worth your mental health, no matter what. 

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