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People who try to control your life completely break you down from inside

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You can’t be wearing this.
You can’t call him like that.
Take a leave from the office today.
You need to follow the rules here. Whoever you are and whatever you did is ok, but this is our house!
He won’t go to your home this week. He has to be here.
We don’t eat all this here...

I felt like I was bought. I felt like I had no voice.

I always felt someone is watching me. My freedom, my space to be lost!

I was here for love, for happiness, for good things. Not for such bad things, not for being made to feel like I have no say, no space, no freedom, no independence!

Worst was I could see my husband felt bad but he would not be able to say anything. He was scared of his family, his mother... he never would spend time with me.

I was broken! I was feeling like I have lost my freedom. I am now in a cage and I didn’t understand the reason for such hostility, jealously, assault on my mental health.

I joined therapy at Iwill. Everyone knows they are good. I wanted to try them out too... In therapy, my therapist helped me first learn to say no, to not take everything thrown at me, to not feel so weak and so scared of outcomes!

I was in this marriage for happiness, for belonging. This was my home. And if it wasn’t going to solve that purpose for me, I should change things drastically! She helped me drop my fear, speak to my husband clearly of what I was going through was abuse. I started standing up for myself. I started telling my family, talking to them, telling them what was going on, focus on my career, finding an alternative pathway to my day and its happiness!

I wasn't owned by anyone!
I wasn’t here to take abuse!
I didn’t snatch someone’s son. They got him married to me as I got married to him. This was two adults deciding on spending a life together!

I wasn’t here to be controlled until I was broken, isolated.I stood back with the power within me, therapy and trauma reduction at the right time, and my husband finally making use of his spine and blocking this negative bullying on me!

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