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People who wanted to destroy me are shocked to see my rise today

Shikha Goel

What I am TODAY

I was walking through the building. The people who left me, and cheated on me saw me from a distance.

I was looking different now. Completely well taken care of and alert.
I had files in my hand as I was coming from a meeting.
I was laughing, smiling, enjoying myself and at the moment!
I walked out and was about to sit in my own car.

This is when they approached me! And asked me what I was doing these days...I told them I was a marketing manager at a multinational. They were shocked. Because they thought I ll be destroyed by now! They asked me where did I live now... and I said I had bought my own home.


I could see they felt their world was crashing down... and I had tears of joy in my eyes... 


These were the same people who once I was closest to. They would make me feel I would be nothing. They would ignore me. It was a toxic environment where there was no appreciation for me!

I would always be unhappy because I would be alone and I would cry, and they would blame me! Tell me that I will never be anything because I have no drive!

The environment treated me like a culprit for my tears. 

When due to depression, I had to leave my job, there was so much sarcasm that I had to face! 

And then they said they couldn’t live with me! Because I was dramatic, always crying, weak, unhappy person... 

I was alone and broken...for many years I saw these people growing and having fun, and I was more destroyed and isolated...


I had been depressed and didn’t want to exist... I decided to give a fight... I started working on myself. I started thinking of dreams again... 

I joined IWill therapy to overcome my depression. And have motivation and tight guidance and support to overcome my challenges!!


It was in therapy that I learned that I wasn’t the problem. It was them! It was their environment! And today what I was carrying, was the trauma, was the pain they gave me!!! 

I had lost faith in myself... I had started seeing myself through their eyes and through the eyes of bad experiences and failures I had... I had to Unsee all of it

My therapist helped me take on things that made me happy, and continue no matter how broken I feel... she helped me change how I saw myself, challenge my thoughts, stop the self-blame and start accepting myself! 

I started applying to jobs, I took a job... I became a marketing manager! I bought a home, a car... I had friends!! I had laughter... people wanted to be with me... I was no longer a drain on anyone... because I healed myself and believed in myself!!!

I know people who destroyed me once are shocked to see me today... how could I rise despite their cheating, their hurt, their belief that I was a failure, that I would never achieve anything!

I am glad I saw my rise! I am glad the people who were so toxic lost today! They would live in hurt now, not me!


Shikha Goel 

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