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Please don’t take frustration out on me as daughter in law. It’s toxic 

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No, it’s not ok for anyone to Create problems between me and my spouse

It’s not ok to always show me as though I am an outsider 

It’s not nice to attack me and taunt me so that you feel good about yourself 

It’s not ok to treat me as though I am badly raised just because I am my own and you cannot tolerate it!

It’s not ok for you to manipulate people against me because you are not able to cope with change dynamics of your son having someone that he may love a lot in life!

It’s not ok for sister in law to attack me because she feels I may take her place!


I suffered a lot mentally! I came here as a family! And I wanted to be accepted! The treatment I got was shocking!

It felt like everyone was unhappy with life and I was the scapegoat, a person you could attack me to make sense of your broken dynamics and emotional issues!


I was made lonely, I was attacked, I was isolated, I was constantly compared, causally made to feel small, even when I was so good, I never got that politeness back!


Depression had become my reality! I was angry, resentful, hurt, pained! 

I was really not ok! And how could I be?

I was being treated very poorly. I joined iwill therapy sessions because I needed someone to talk to and it was in therapy that I could overcome depression, learnt to not be so sensitive that their words could break me, learnt to continue doing my things despite someone being toxic to me! I also learnt to assert, to stand up, to have self faith, to take tough decisions and not be always in fear of being alone, abandoned and lost. 

And I am out of depression today! I don’t sit there and tolerate abuse! But it’s important we talk about this culture of abuse, this taking out centuries of frustration on the new daughter in law! If one has got pain in life, they should pass love and stop the problematic chain!

Insecurity of sharing the son should be worked on, not isolating and breaking a woman for it! 

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