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Please send my daughter back home, she will take care of herself. I don't believe in abandoning my daughter after her marriage 


Enough is enough 

I don't want to worry about what society says.

I don't want to be in this useless fear of but if she comes back now, what will happen after my death to her?

I don't want to worry about how breaking marriage is worst and that we are setting wrong examples

I don't want to worry how my sanskaars will be questioned 

I don't want to worry how people would say that his parents broke her home, that these days parents of girls are the worst and so on.

I don't care of any of it. All of this is not a dime important in my life.

What is important and the only thing important is happiness of my daughter.. and that is destroyed after marriage. 

My son in law has no time for her. He does exactly what his family says and the family is always telling him to ignore his wife, that is my daughter.

My daughter is always told what is lacking in her. Always told of things she does wrong, that she laughs too much, that she doesn't respect elders because she doesn't get up 15 times to touch everyone's feet, that listening to music is bad, that her career is not as good, she is not even a doctor. That her voice is loud. That she shouldn't sit on sofa, that she has less manners of a daughter in law and more.


My daughter in law is always alone. There is always some big planning happening in the house where the only person not as invited or needed is my daughter in law. 


She endlessly waits for her husband but he doesn't have time, she is not the priority and the expectation is that she should be happy with it, infact should feel proud of her "family oriented husband" who ironically refuses to treat his own wife as family.

She cries and then is blamed for being quarrelsome, disruptor of home environment. I and my wife are blamed that why did we not give her teaching?

The expectation is we should have taught her to suffocate, except sudden isolation and loneliness after marriage and then feel happy that she has got the opportunity to serve the in-laws. That's the kind of expectations God too doesn't have.

My daughter is educated. She is young, she has a life ahead of her.

I have started therapy for her at IWill and she is recovering fast, she is thinking about her happiness, she has stopped crying and started doing things that would make her happy. Therapy at IWill helped her atleast open up to me and tell me all that she is facing. 

I can't let her drown when i know this marriage is an ocean where she is not being allowed to swim.

I can't let her be in a marriage she will die a slow death of her emotions, her dreams and her desires.

What is lost, we will rebuild, what is hurting, we would heal.

Years that have passed, we will make up for.

My daughter just needs me as being there. She can stand for herself and she will. Please send my daughter back home, give her the freedom.

I want to save my daughter's smile and happiness, not an empty marriage!

Depression she faces will heal with therapy and love. Discrimination and denial by you, are untreatable


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