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Post-Trauma Growth- a new way to shape your life after challenging or difficult events

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We all have heard of post-traumatic stress disorder where long after the event that caused trauma,  is over but it leaves behind the same stress, same flashbacks, and crippling freeze, no strength! 

And yet there is another way in which trauma can change our lives. This one, we need to work on, shape, and train our minds for. 

Post-trauma growth is a new way of cognitive thinking, feeling, and being where a person learns to prioritize, get more resilient, become more purposeful and driven, when adversity hits it happens! 

The defining difference between people who have been very happy have made it big and those who couldn’t is not absence of bad events, it’s rather a presence of a mindset, of seeking help and shaping the right responses and life actions post-trauma!


So how do you build Post Trauma Growth?

Here are the 4 key ways 


Heal Trauma pain, understand and make sense of it! 

Join therapy, connect with a psychologist, don’t battle a trauma alone. Share all the pain, how you feel after the trauma, share your lack of motivation, your lack of happiness, your lack of even feeling yourself. Share it all, as your therapist at Iwill will work with you to help you see things somewhat differently, see how you are not alone, help you see your larger life before and beyond trauma, make sense of what happened, make peace with it! This step is crucial to kick start and even get into action for bringing post-trauma growth! 


2. Finding your purpose

You lost a job, another setback at work, had a divorce, lost a dear one? No matter what happened the reality is you still exist, your reason to be here is still there, here in life. You need to focus on finding or crystallizing your purpose. Have a mission. This will allow you to be driven. Of course this step can only happen, once you have dealt, made peace and come out of the trauma and pain... but this step is crucial 


3. Appreciation and growth mindset 

Spending time with loved ones, valuing those who are there with you, looking at an adversity and finding a way to usher it to allow you to be a new you, immerse in something more deeper, this becomes crucial for building or achieving growth after trauma 


4. Believing in yourself 

You need to learn, train and convince yourself that you would and you alone would make it. No matter what path you face, no challenges you have been through, don’t allow them to break your faith in your power to rise back, to learn from mistakes or adversities, and get back!



Post-trauma growth can happen. It can bring positive changes in your life, provided you work to heal yourself. Yes you didn’t deserve the painful trauma in the first place... but if that was harsh, letting yourself be buried in that pain will be harsher on you, more traumatic!! Hence change it! 


Seek therapy at iwill 

Create a mindset where your purpose takes front seat

Appreciate your loved ones and their presence 

Get goal-oriented and be believe in yourself ! 

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